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Programs and Services London

  • Multiply the means to achieve the diverse objectives in life.

    Strategy to train entrepreneurs by promoting values and the development of personal and professional competences; offering the tools needed to build objectives, and the tools to achieve a life purpose.


      • Language Program : 

        English Pronunciation Course
        This program is designed to help immigrants overcome the language barrier that often times impedes them from getting jobs in their field of study. Through perfecting English pronunciation, they are able to communicate their thoughts more effectively and be understood, which in turn, increases their employability skills and quality of life.

      • Senior's Ride Program: 

        This is a program dedicated to helping some of the more marginalized and often forgotten members of our population “our seniors”. For a small fee of $10, seniors will be accompanied by one of our volunteers who will transport them to medical or dental appointments, and/or grocery shopping. The goal of this program is to not only provide the physical and emotional companion so many seniors here in Canada are denied, but also be a support for them to be able to accomplish life-sustaining duties such as groceries and attending medical appointments.

  • Activates the solidary conscience !

    Strategy that promotes the values to help, activating the social conscience, mobilizing and articulating efforts with governmental entities, enterprise sector and civil society to contribute to the well-being of the most disadvantaged communities and with limited economic resources, providing assistance of form pertinent and effective.


    • Healthy Cooking Program

      This program is done in partnership with Growing Chefs! Ontario and is dedicated to helping educate low-income families about the importance of wholesome, healthy food and teach them how to cook easy meals from scratch using products that are easily accessible to them. Children and parents alike are guided by a chef and various volunteers through many recipes which the families then enjoy and take home. The result is that children’s fear of cooking is replaced by a growing passion for food which is useful to them when their parents are not able to cook for them.

  • Shape and prepare upstanding citizens

    We provide the opportunities, the means, and the infrastructure to educate with dignity; based on the model of values as an all-around contribution for the development of the provinces and its citizens.


    • One Day for Kids (yearly summer event):

      This event is focused on teaching children, mostly from low-income families, the importance of values such as caring, respecting, and sharing through elements of play such as vivid recreational games, engaging dental hygiene demonstration, prizes, game and numerous other activities. In our most recent event held on August 20, 2016 over 350 children benefited from this event and 308 children from ages 3 to 12 received a tote bags filled with school supplies, a backpack and a dental hygiene kit.

    • Serving Our City: 

      Throughout this program, the Foundation’s main goal is to spread environmental consciousness to our local community. By spreading environmental awareness, we teach that values such as respect and care should not only be shown towards others, but also towards the environment in which we live in and that of our future generations.

Last Activities London

Joy Day for children from London - Canada

11ago18dianinolondon000One Day for kids was held in London, Ontario, Canada, during which more than 250 children enjoyed a day full of fun and activities with their parents that encouraged the importance of applying values to treat others, to respect themselves, the environment and society.

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London - Canadá Celebrated “One Day for Kids”

OneDayforKits2017The Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation celebrated their well-known educational campaign "One Day for Kids," on the 19th of August 2017, at Southeast Optimist Park in the city of London, Ontario, Canada.. 374 children along with their families attended this event and enjoyed a day full of educational and fun activites.

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Volunteer's Day in London, Canada

2016 12 03 PHOTO 00000237 opt

To finalize a very productive 2016, the Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation (Canada) held a day for all the volunteers to appreciate their hard work and commitment throughout the year. At the event we presented a summary of what we accomplished in 2016, the projects for 2017, and made an individual recognition to each of the volunteers who are the most important resource of our Foundation.

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In London - Canada, Food Donation at Unity Project

Giving Food opt optThe International Foundation Maria Luisa de Moreno on the 17th of September in the city of London Canada, provided food donation to the shelter called, “Unity Project” which is located in the center of London. In this event the food given will feed 30 men and women who have very limited means. Thanks to the donation of a particular person and the hard work of all the foundation’s volunteers, this donation was provided.

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In London - Canada, Jesse Davidson’s Park was cleaned

CleanupPark20160With the help of 12 volunteers the Foundation contributed to the city of London by cleaning Jesse Davidson’s park on September 24, 2016. For almost two hours we held a day of cleaning and maintenance of the park, which was adopted by the Foundation four years ago. The purpose of the clean-up is to give back to the city by taking care of our environment. Through these clean-ups we ensure that those families that go to this park will have a clean space to enjoy with their families. Similarly in cleaning the park we have families that attend with their children teaching them from an early age the importance of caring for our environment.

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London - Canada Celebrates “One Day for Kids”

OneDayforKids2016004On a sunshine-filled day, full of happiness and fun, the Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation celebrated the educational campaign “One Day for Kids” in Southeast Optimist Park in the city of London, Ontario. More than 350 children enjoyed an abundant number of activities such as recreational games, dental hygiene class, healthy cooking class and they learned tips on saving for postsecondary education among other activities.

In additional to all the prizes and games that were given out throughout the day, 308 backpacks filled with school supplies and a dental hygiene kits were handed out to children between the ages of 3-12.


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One Day for Kids in London - Canada



Last Saturday Agust 22, 2015, Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation carried out a day for Kids in the city of London. We want to give special THANKS to the following supporters of One Day for Kids 2015.  Your contribution and generosity made that this event was great success!.


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Volunteer Appreciation Day in London - Canada



We had the Volunteer Appreciation Day on April 11, 2015. We had 60 volunteers at the event, where we talked about our projects for this year, welcomed new volunteers, recognized the effort of some volunteers with awards, played bingo, and had a delicious Mediterranean meal.


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English Pronunciation Course in London - Canada


Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation in Canada is offering two courses of English Pronunciation to immigrants in two schools in London, Ontario, completely free with the goal that they can speak the English language correctly, and therefore improve their quality of life.  

We have students from Angola, Argelia, Arabian Peninsula, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, China, South Korea, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, and Romania.

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Workshops in London - Canada


On November 22, 2014, a workshop about couponing was given by Catalina Barrios, specialist in Couponing.  This workshop helped 15 individuals learn ways to save in their household.



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Clean up of adopted park in London - Canada

CleanUpOfAdoptedPark06092014000Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation in Canada adopted Jesse Davidson’s Park in London, Ontario, Canada two years ago with the commitment of keeping the park clean by conducting regular clean ups.

The City of London invited Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation in Canada to the Adopt-A- Park Celebration Event on September 6, 2014 to recognized us for our work cleaning Jesse Davidson’s park with a certificate.


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We celebrated "One Day for Kids" in London - Canada

dia nino london 007

On August 9th, 2014, we celebrated “One Day for Kids” in London, Canada. Over 100 children attended the event where they enjoyed a day full of presents, activities and food. More than 200 presents were handed to children, including 5 athletic scholarships on a multi-sport program for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

We thank Dr. Maria Luisa Piraquive for her example and for teaching us the importance of giving.

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Spring Day for Kids of London - Canada

london-spring-day002Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation hosted the “Spring Day for Kids” event in the 2012, bringing joy and happiness to 75 kids. They had a day full of fun and learned the value of donating.



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