Food Drive in Montreal - Canadá

FoodBank012017The Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation On January 14th, 2017 held a Food Drive were 80 families were helped. This event took place in the Montreal office of the Foundation, where free coffee and snacks were provided while people received their food baskets. In addition, 20 volunteers helped us in organizing and distributing the food baskets given out that day.


Legal Advice Service in Montreal - Canada

Legal Aid picture Feb optThe Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation – Canada, is  providing a workshop in legal advice in Montreal where 15 people  have benefited from this help. This workshop has been offered since  August of 2016 with the help of 2 lawyers who have more than 15  years expertise and specialize in immigration.


The Foundation volunteered at the community center Mission Bon Accueil Montreal - Canada

MissionBA0The Maria de Moreno International Foundation, Montreal – Canada compromised with the needs of our community, volunteered at the community center Mission Bon Accueil this past 15th of December 2016. The tasks included the identification, classification, and care of items offered at the Mission Bon Accueil’s boutique; a boutique aimed for persons in need and of low incomes. The foundation volunteered to highlight the value that the foundation gives to helping and caring for others in order benefit the community.


Great Success of "Language Courses" in Montreal - Canada

IMG 2925 opt

The Foundation on the 26th of November 2016 in the city Montreal Canada, carried out the last day of the English, French and Spanish Courses, in the office of the foundation in Montreal. This day was to celebrate the volunteer teachers for the time and love dedicated to their students throughout this fall session, and to also recognize the improvement of the students in the English language. With these language courses the Foundation benefits about 52 people of different nationalities.


One Day For Kids in Montreal - Canada

OneDayforKids2016009For the 5th consecutive year, the Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation organized One Day For Kids event on Sunday, August 14th, this year in the city of Montreal, Quebec where 110 children have benefited from school kits, prizes, piñatas, gifts and snacks.

It was a day full of fun activities where kids between 0-12 years old participated in nursery rhymes and zumba children; they also enjoyed various musical presentations and the play "No Bullying or School Harassment" in charge of the young volunteers of the Foundation, from whom they learned values such as respect, tolerance and solidarity.


“Senior’s Day” in Montreal- Canada

SeniorsDay2016010The Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation celebrated “Senior’s Day” in the city of Montreal - Canada. More than 45 people attended to celebrated and participated in wonderful activities such as, zumba classes, thematic photography sessions, conferences about healthy habits and nutrition, etc.

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My Planet, My City and Me, Montreal – Canada.

PhotosCleanupPark001Last Saturday April 30th 2016, a general clean-up of the park Ahuntsic in Montreal was done. The park was divided into 4 parts and each section had 4 coordinators who lead the clean-up task alongside the volunteers. The trash was picked up and separated into recyclables, trash, and leaves and branches. Once all the trash was collected it was then left at a pick up point to be taken by the city. At the same time, an activity was being done with the smaller children, showing them the importance of taking care of the environment, while they played and painted. This activity was overseen by an adult with the help of 4 young adults. In this activity was delivered 57 hotdogs with 57 juices boxes and candy for the children.

It is beautiful to see our clean park thanks to work of the Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation!!!

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Day of the Volunteer in Montreal - Canada

Volunteers Day 2015000As a recognition to our great working group, the Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation Canada acknowledged during the month of December 2015 the work realized by all the volunteers of the Montreal cite. This activity rewarded the hard work, endeavor, effort and the will in their heart in the different activities that our foundation realized during the year 2015. Moments of happiness, of great emotion occurred but above all they were given recognition because they are the soul of this Foundation.


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Day of the Elder in Montreal - Canada


The Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation Canada celebrated in the month of November 2015 the Day of the Elder in the Montreal site. In this beautiful journey our beneficiaries received from the Foundation a dinner accompanied with Mariachi, gifts, surprises and they all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in which they also benefited from manicures and facials just to name a few. The event concluded with a world of smiles from our elderly.



One Day for Kids in Montreal - Canada


The educational campaign "One Day for Kids" 2015 took place at the community center Saint-Jean-Berchmans in Montreal, Canada. 150 people attended to this event, among them 70 kids of scarce resources were benefited. Pencils, notebooks, colors, toys and food were gifted. Kids enjoyed a day full of joy, happiness, entertainment and learned through stories the importance of values in the society.



Cleanup activity at the park Ahuntsic in Montreal - Canada

LimpiezaDelParqueAhuntsicMontreal001Last Saturday May 2nd 2015, Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation Canada carried out a cleanup activity at the park Ahuntsic in the city of Montreal. 36 volunteers assisted with the objective to help the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville clean up, following the end of winter and for the purpose of families and children to enjoy a clean park during these spring and summer months.




Volunteering in the WHM in Montréal - Canada

VoluntariadoMissionBonAccueil003Get the objectives of the Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation Canada to be known, to promote and to strengthen our commitment and social work as citizens.

The volunteers helped to the Welcome Hall Mission (WHM) in Montréal - Canada to organized toys for children of different ages.



One Day for Kids in Montréal - Canada

UnDiaParaLosNinosAgosto2014002In the 2014, the raise awareness and educate children on how beautiful and rewarding it is to help others.

Activity for children under 12, where they were offered food, gifts, surprises, and recreational activities. During the event a strategic space was adapted so that children could donate, achieving the objective of raising awareness of the importance of donating to help others.


Upcoming Activities Montreal

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