One Day For Kids in Montreal - Canada

OneDayforKids2016009For the 5th consecutive year, the Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation organized One Day For Kids event on Sunday, August 14th, this year in the city of Montreal, Quebec where 110 children have benefited from school kits, prizes, piñatas, gifts and snacks.

It was a day full of fun activities where kids between 0-12 years old participated in nursery rhymes and zumba children; they also enjoyed various musical presentations and the play "No Bullying or School Harassment" in charge of the young volunteers of the Foundation, from whom they learned values such as respect, tolerance and solidarity.

Specially with the help of our volunteers, sponsors and donors, they contributed to a wonderful family day full of joy and apprenticeships for our kids. Our little ones were very happy and grateful for all the benefits received from our founder Dr. Maria Luisa de Moreno.

We would like to add a special word of thanks to the Ville Saint-Laurent, who made possible the realization of this great event.


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