A life given to service

Dr. María Luisa Piraquive

Born in the municipality of Chipata, located in the Santander Department – Colombia. During her youth she lived alongside her parents Obdulio Piraquive and Maria Corredor and was the third of eight siblings. Dr. Maria Luisa Piraquive was raised in a humbling and enterprising family.

Dr. Maria Luisa Piraquive realized her elementary studies in the municipality of Sachica, located in the Department of Boyaca; later she relocated to Bogota where she studied high school through radio. From an early age, moral and ethical values were instilled. Her father was a man who was characterized by his love for reading and having an enterprising spirit, an attitude that allowed him to exercise important public positions. This example left Dr. Maria Luisa an indelible impression that motivated her to be self-taught.

In 1993, her desire to excel led her to perform professional studies, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Literature at the University of la Sabana. In 2000, she completed a degree in Community Management and Social Management at the Pontificial Xavierian University, as well as a graduate study in Management Education at the Free University of Colombia.

Concerned about the development of society, she considered the importance of reaffirming the values and principles of respect, towards dignity and human condition through the educational practice as the key to developing human beings with a sense of social solidarity.

Dr. Maria Luisa sees education as a perfect example to instill the values and to develop behavioral patterns. She considers that proper educational environments; involves among others, family, school and the media, key factors essential to achieving individual and collective welfare.

Her effective leadership has been evidenced in diverse activities of social and educational nature, in favor of vulnerable communities both nationally and internationally; her exemplary work, has allowed her to receive various titles and awards among which include:

With over 40 years of social work, Dr. María Luisa continues to serve humanity and founded the Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation as a nonprofit entity, whose primary purpose is to help the most vulnerable communities at all levels through the development and implementation of educational,  productive and humanitarian programs.