The Foundation

La FundacionMaria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation - Canada is a registered charity. We help the struggling members of our community through programs and services that teach, empower and inspire, as we believe in everyone's entitlement to a life with dignity. We operate in seven locations in Canada, including Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, London, Hamilton, Edmonton and Calgary.






The Mission

missionOur mission is to help immigrants and Canadian families to meet their personal needs and to accomplish their professional goals through the access to educational services, job skills and day-to-day services that will help them transform into a more valuable contributor to our society.








Our Objectives

  • Mitigating poverty by operating a food bank and providing clothes to the needy
  • Provide education, counseling and other support services to refugees and immigrants in need, including language training, training for employment and information programs about life and Canadian culture.
  • Conduct complementary (or auxiliary) and related activities to achieve our mission


Corporate Values

"The Values are qualities found in people and to guide their behavior in every situation of our life in order to reach peace and happiness." - Dr. Maria Luisa Piraquive.


  • Solidarity: is voluntary behavior to cooperate to help relieve individuals or communities who are defenseless or vulnerable.
  • Justice and Equity: Give each what corresponds or pertains to the benefit of individuals and society.
  • Tolerance: Recognize and accept the difference between individuals and communities in congruence with respect towards people, society and the environment.
  • Respect: Acknowledgement for one another, valuing the integrity and interests of each person, the environment and its surroundings.
  • Responsibility: personal awareness and / or collectively to assess and address the    consequences of the acts or omissions that are generated in one's life, in that of others and the environment.
  • Honesty: Charactarizes the individual by its uprightness of all his actions. It is the quality that makes a person act and live according to what he thinks, feels, says and does, according to moral principles.
  • Commitment: This is the quality to go beyond simple duty, is to transcend the norm for good, is to be faithful in the treatment, effective in performance and fulfillment of the responsibilities.
  • Service: To provide assistance spontaneously by contributing to the needs and the individuals best interest.


International Recognitions


For the committed work of the International Foundation Maria Luisa Moreno towards the most vulnerable communities through the implementation of development programs, has been awarded with several awards by international organizations such as:
1. The Constitutional City of Cuautla in Mexico

2. The Institute of La Paz in Mexico

3. The Municipality of Riohacha Guajira in Colombia
Likewise for the fulfillment of the requirements of the Latin American Council in honor of the quality of education, was made honorary member of this institution in 2012 and 2014.
Moreover for its beneficial work of a clean and healthy environment in the communities, to adopt and recover a green area located in South planfield New Jersey, was given recognition by the authorities of this city, who granted a plaque in gratitude which is exposed in the improved place.